Configure colors, line thickness, units, and more.

daFloorPlanner Features


  • Spacially accurate measurements using US or metric units.  Automatically convert from one to the other.

  • Room dimensions displayed dynamically as you draw, move or stretch.

  • Use touch to draw rooms, or specifiy dimensions.

  • Pan and zoom using normal Apple gestures.

  • Room names, room dimensions, and room area can optionally and individually be displayed or not.

  • Change drawings by moving, stretching, 

  • Create any color walls, and any thickness.

  • Add notes or free-form drawings.

  • Supports doors, windows, stairways, alcoves, and more. 

  • Draw whole house plans with multiple floors.

  • Save and recall any number of floor plans.

  • Create PDFs or JPEGs of your plan, and email them to friends or clients.

  • Fun and functional at the same time.


Create visually apealing and accurate floor plans with a touch of your finger.